Good Foods for Liver Cleansing and Weight Loss

Ridding your body of toxins is an important step in promoting your well-being and in the preservation or restoration of your health. One way to do this would be to engage in a diet that will help rid your liver of the many toxins that can cause health problems in your body. Your liver can become poisoned through a variety of practices, including:

* Drinking too much alcohol.
* Having too much caffeine.
* Using certain medications.
* Eating too many processed foods.
* Drinking impure water.

Sometimes people decide to engage in a diet that helps restore their liver to its normal functioning by ridding it of these and other such toxins. They do this by “purging” themselves of the foods that cause the impurities in the liver and then slowly replacing those foods with other healthier foods and beverages. Here are some foods and beverages that are often used for a liver cleansing diet:

1. Bottled water.

Drinking purified water can aid the dieter in purging themselves from the sugary drinks, alcoholic beverages, and other processed liquids that can be a detriment to the liver. Filtered water (not tap water) can be extremely helpful to the liver in aiding it to restore itself.

2. Fruits and vegetables.

Many fruits and vegetables can be incredibly helpful in aiding a cleansed liver. Foods such as grapefruit are rich in natural antioxidants and Vitamin C—two very powerful liver cleansing agents. Green tea has catechins, which is a mineral that can promote strong liver functioning. Vegetables such as spinach and mustard greens can cleanse the liver as well.

3. Garlic

Garlic has many compounds that contain sulfur. This sulfur can activate certain enzymes in the liver to help strengthen its cleansing processes.

4. Avocados

Avocados are also rich in compounds healthy for a diseased liver. Some studies have even shown that doing as little as taking one avocado a day for a month can help repair a poor liver.

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These and many other foods can be beneficial for healthy liver functioning. It is important to do as much research as possible in order to find the best diet plan to improve a diseased liver. However, with a little bit of study one can immensely help their liver with these diet suggestions.